Is it possible to filter a Program by the Service Name?

In Windows, several services run under the same executable name, svchost.exe.
The Windows 7 built-in firewall allows you to filter a program (svchost.exe) by
the specific service that you’re interested in. So for example, I could say to block
svchost.exe DNS Service, and other services that use svchost.exe would NOT be blocked.

Is this possible in Comodo?

I don’t think it can be done in CIS 4 in the same fashion as Windows firewall.

The way to achieve the same would be to create rule for svchost.exe allowing only communication to relevant ports (I believe that what Windows firewall does it, but the ports have been grouped in easy to understand labels).

You can create port sets in CIS so you don’t have to create a rule for each port you wish to allow.

DNS = port 53

Hope this makes sense.