Is it possible to export settings?


I was wondering if CPF has an option for exporting settings (as XML, for example) for backup purposes. I haven’t found that option yet. Where does CPF store its settings (in the registry? in the Application Data folder?). I hope you guys add this essential feature soon, otherwise it’s a great FW.


In CFP V3Beta, if you open MISCELLANEOUS, MANAGE MY CONFIGURATION FILES, you’ll find an options to import or export a config . It’s a bit confusing as the config is use is referred to as “Default”. When you Export it you have the opportunity to give it a meaningful name and only when that meaningful named config set is imported does that name ever appear insided Comodo. Not a biggie, just a bit odd.

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ok, it will be in v3, that’s great news. But I’d like to know where 2.x stores its settings anyway, because I wouldn’t want to run beta quality software for such important function as a firewall, but I would like to back up my current settings.

With thanks to Rotty, he’s created a backyup script for V2.4, available in several iterations and laguages. It can be found at;;msg18544#msg18544

It just creates a >REG file that can be remreged by double clicking on it.

hope this helps,

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Thanks a lot, this is very useful.