Is it possible to create a policy for an entire folder?

Or do I need to make a new policy for each file in that folder? I’m using 5.12

Yes it is first go to

defense + tab → computer security policy → Protected files and folders tab → click the ‘groups’ button on the right side → cllck the ‘add’ button on the right side → A new group…

Call the group whatever you want then scroll down to the bottom of the list and right click on your new group → click ‘add’ → then select the folder you are try to create a policy for and push the top arrow button in the middle → click ‘apply’ → ‘apply’ → ‘OK’

Now go to the firewall tab and click network security policy → under the application rules tab click ‘add’ → ‘select’ button at the top right → file groups → select the new group you created

Now create the rule as expected. The rule you create will be applied to all the folders and files that are in your newly created file group. You can also create defense + rules using this method.

Hope that helps