Is it possible to control the network interfaces being used by CF?

How does one setup CF to send traffic for a specific dest IP via a selected network interface on the PC?

If CF can’t do it is there anything else out there that can?

Thanks a mil!

Comodo at this point in time Can not be directed to monitor by interface.

You can Define a trusted zone.
Select the “Security” button on the top of The Comodo GUI >“Tasks” on the top of the control bar at the side >“Define a new trusted Zone” in the Wizards section at the bottom. This will show Network adaptor Such as “Fast Ethernet Adaptor” and An Ip Range such as This would Make a trusted zone in that IP range.

You can also create IP “Zones” using the Add/Remove/Modify a zone wizard If you search this site you will find a lot of good info on using these tool

I’m hope they will allow you to apply rules to an interface and not an IP Range As My Cable modem provider changes IP numbering schemes from time to time

But I’m still sticking to COMODO :■■■■ (R)

The Beta of the new version should be out soon. But I’d wait awile unless your adventurous

I can’t wait I’ll back my system up good and let it RIP

I’m pretty sure this is already in the WishList; I know it’s been mentioned before.