Is it possible to check updates manually?

Comodo automatically and unexpectedly starts to check updates always when my computer is most busy. Always and daily. It is strange and very stressful.
How to switch off it? I want to check updates everyday myself when my PC is free. Maybe through tray icon. It would by nice.

Open CIS->Tasks (upper right corner)->Advanced Tasks->Open Advanced Settings->General Settings->Updates and choose the way you want CIS to update.

Updating through the tray icon isn’t available. You can add the Advanced Settings button to the CIS Task Bar by right clicking the button and selecting Add to Task Bar. This will eliminate having to go through all of the above to get to the advanced settings. You can also add the Update button to the task bar in similar fashion.

thank you. it works. great, comodo with unchecked “check updates automatically” does not alarm “computer is unprotected!!”