Is it possible to block an entire folder off from the internet?

I would like to create a rule or something that blocks all internet traffic in and out of a folder, and everything in it, and its sub-directories. Is this possible?

In the Firewall Application Rules, I can choose a File Group such as “Important Files/Folders.” If I could add a custom file group including the folder I want to deny internet access to, that would be perfect.

If for some reason only predefined file groups are allowed to be used, would placing the folder inside where “Metro Apps” used to be (I made a script that removes all metro apps,) would that work?

Just follow my instructions for creating a rule for entire folders

When you get to the last step to create a rule just use the ruleset ‘blocked application’

You can’t do it that way anymore in Comodo 8, as it doesn’t allow you to add a new group. Also, under HIPS Groups you can only add registry or Comm groups not folder groups. Why on earth would they take that wonderful ability away from us and make it harder. Now we have to list each app instead of the folder. I’m going back to CIS 7 until they fix this. >:( You can block whole folders in other firewalls - why would they change this, now.

Advanced Settings > Security Settings > File Rating > File Groups - There you can add groups.

Thank you very much. Should have looked a bit harder for this change, I guess. With all that’s going on these days, can’t be too careful with what is allowed to access the interwebs. I really couldn’t imagine using another firewall. Been using it for years. Thank you, again. :-TU

so sorry about that forgot those instructions i wrote were for v5 but yes this is possible with v8 its just slightly different