Is it possible to alternate Comodo Firewall with Spybot? [Closed]

:THNK I have installed Comodo Firewall and Boclean two months ago. As I had been using Spybot before, I sometimes update it and run it. It puzzles me that Spybot has been indicating two items to be “fixed”: Microsoft.Windows.Security.Internet Explorer and Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass. I noticed that both are Registry entries.
What should I do? I hope that I have made myself clear… :THNK ???
I will much appreciate any help.

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Microsoft.Windows.Security.Internet Explorer: are you using IE protection for locking control panel in spybot? If so try turning this off and see if a new scan shows the same warning. If it does not then you can re-apply the settings and then tell spybot to ignore the entry after the next scan.

Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass: not sure here but it looks like your windows security centre is not recognizing that CPF is installed. You can either try repairing your repository or tell spybot to exclude this from future scans.

To be honest, with Boclean installed I don’t think you really need spybot anymore, just use a good cleanup program such as CCleaner to get rid of temp files and cookies and BOClean and CPF will protect you better than spybot can.


Thanks for the advice.
Microsoft.Windows.Security.Internet Explorer:“are you using IE protection for locking control panel in spybot? If so try turning this off”. How do I turn this off?
Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass: I think you are right. I´ve just checked my Security Centre and included CPF and Boclean in the permitted exceptions of Windows Firewall. I´ll run Spybot again to see if that works. Is this is right?
In fact, I´m really considering to forget Spybot. Just need some time…
Tks. again, for the continued assistance.

Always make sure your windows firewall is turned off if you are using another firewall!

To check if spybot has a lock on ie control panel see attached screenshot. Untick the box if it is ticked.

Microsoft.Windows.IEFirewallBypass: make sure windows firewall is switched off. If your security centre does not recognize CPF when windows firewall is switched off then you can either repair your repository (there are posts on these forums about this) or just tell security centre you have a firewall that you will monitor yourself. If Spybot then finds any entries relating to this you can exclude it from future spybot scans by right clicking on the entry and selecting to exclude from future scans.

If you have BOClean I really dont think you need the spybot scanner.


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I have now turned off windows firewall and checked the security centre. Windows is now recognizing CPF. I´m not sure though that CPF is really active as the icon on the task bar does not show Internet traffic, as it happened when I firs installed CPF.
I have also checked spybot´s lock on ie control panel and it was not ticked. Both indications are still there after running spybot again. But, as You wrote that they are not malware, I´ll exclude both from future scans, and in the near future, I think I will stop using spybot.
tks. for the continued assistance.


You may find this thread helpful in confirming that Comodo FW is indeed running.;msg72156#msg72156

As for the icon animation, maybe you have that turned off? Right-click the icon and look for the Animation entry in the menu…


Gee, I´m afraid that I had inadvertently disabled tray animation. Sorry about that. I´ll read the thread you mentiond before.Tks. once again.
Is there a thread where the svchost warnings have been discussed? I would really like to understand those warnings. I´ve already tried to read something about, but it did not help much.

No problem…

Not sure what kind of svchost rules you’re looking for. Here’s one thread about it:

If you click the “Advanced Search” link next to the searchbox on any page, type “svchost” into the search field, and click the box for “Subjects Only” you’ll get a page of results about svchost posts (that’s how I got the above link).


Thank you. You all have been very helpful. It´s really nice to have such good support when needed.

You’re quite welcome. I think I can safely say we’re all glad to help.

Regarding the original question you had for this topic, do you consider that to be answered?


As both indications still show up when I run spybot, I think that the original question has not been answered, but as I learned from You that they are not really meaningful, I think that it is not worthwhile using more of yours and my time with the issue.
After all, as I wrote before, I´ll not be using spybot any longer.
At this time, I find it better to read through all threads that You guys have indicated above.
Tks. again.

Very well, then. I’ll mark the topic as “closed” as opposed to “resolved.” If you need it reopened (upon closing, it will be locked) to investigate further, just PM a Moderator (please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.