Is it possable?

Is it possable to have CIS or the AV part of it as a on demand scanner while say using Avast or Avira for real time scanning?

Yes, it’s possible, as long as you keep the real-time protection from CAVS disabled.

Sweet Avast here I come!

Presumably this is still working:

It is, but when you have CAVS 3 disabled on your computer, you can still run on-demand scans.


What are you talking about the whole anti virus module or the on demand bit? As if I use only the firewall I have heard in this forum that the old run a scan in the defence tab is not there anymore.

True, you have to install CAVS3 also, then disable the on-acces scanner.


I do think CIS is a great program (I am using it now) but there is always a little voice in my head saying “Should I really trust a brand new AV?” Even with Defence + its still 50 - 50 in my mind right now. So I am looking at my options.

I have made up my mind I am staying put as I have posted the same thing in Avast’s forums and I was not impressed with what they had to say. Avast Question?

Don’t understand Avast! answer. You can turn off avast! on-access protection from the tray icon and right-click scan folders and files from Explorer. Were you looking for something else? I don’t think it is easy to get rid of the tray icon, though. You will need to check for conflicts with CAVS3 even though Avast! is not “on access”.

I was looking for this earlier today, Seems that you can’t have avast! as an on demand scanner, you must load up everything at start-up and disable the protection. (how ever avast! still starts at boot-up… and stays loaded)

The on-access scanners are actually unloaded if you disable them-see Task Manager. The core function of the scanner service itself remains, along with the gui and the updater.

Lol, better use Avira as a back-up scanner then …


Yeah I understand that, I think that Patrice is looking to have Avast! to have a similiar use as MBAM etc… Not active at all and when called apon - will scan and display results- shut down.

I would say that is the better option as avast is much better than the comodo AV.

However, I don’t know if disabling is enough as it like avast may load low level drivers to intercept file access to scan and it is these drivers that can conflict. So I would say uninstall using add remove programs and reboot, now do a custom install of CIS and uncheck any AV element. That would be the best way to ensure there is no potential for conflict, though I don’t know if CIS installation allows for a custom installation.

That’s from the Avast forum I want the best of best worlds the AV in CIS as a on demand and if I don’t like or want Avast I can enable the on demand scanning of CIS after uninstalling Avast of course.

Ok Avira might load drivers as well or what not?

You can try it and see. Some of the “low level drivers” should be in the On Access Protection Providers ???, but agree that there appears no way to make the program load on demand then unload. Don’t know the Avira architecture, but Avast! is structured like a resident on demand scanner driven by demands from the modular On Access Protection Providers.

So your choice would be? Avast or Avira? Lol looking at your sig it is pretty easy to see which one you would choose.

I would take Avira … :slight_smile: