Is it posible to backup an snapshot with COMODO backup?

Hi all
For performance reasons i need to uninstall CTM to defragment my HD, but i have an snapshot that i would want to save (with service packs installed and almost all programs), i was thinking to use Comodo Backup utility for doing so.

But i was wondering if its posible to switch into that snapshot, install Comodo Backup and create a system backup to be saved into an external HD? Or there’s any possible way to make a system copy of that particular snapshot to be restored (in case) later?

I dont care if i need to first re-install windows and comodo Backup first, i just dont want to speend all day with service packs and re-installing all my programs… There’s anyway can be done?

Thanks in advance

I don’t think so.
But I’m just an user like you. The final word should be said by the CTM team.

Yeah seems like utopic, but i dont know what else to do and its really a headache to spend all day re-installing everything.
Hope someone can tell me if its possible to keep that snapshot.


Make a disk image with all programs and updates installed.

I want to make a disk image, but my current system is not a good candidate, for that reason i need to switch into a previous snapshot and make the backup.

Unfortunately in this moment i cant take the risk of messing again with my laptop because i have no time to repair everything that i’m gonna get broken if something goes bad. I know that i should be more carefull when re-installing my system to avoid this to happen again, but again, i’m trying to use the snapshot (if possible) before deleting CTM to give maintenance…

I’ll be checking out this post to see if someone makes my day

Thanks again

Go ahead, what is blocking you to do so?

I’m gonna do so, just wanted to know it were possible to install software inside an snapshot without any conflict in my current system, and its because after reading some bad stuff about handling on CTM i wanted to be perfectly sure of doing so.

I’ll tell you how it was (after a backup)
See ya

I’m meaning a full disk copy\backup, sector-by-sector (not “intelligent sector copy”).

Actually i have a backup of all my programs and documents, certainly what i need is just a system base point to improve the restoring time. I’ve done a backup within a previous snapshot without any problem with COMODO Backup. I hope this works well the next time i need to re-install my system.

Thank you Tech, have a nice day