Is It Okay To Use CIS And Microsoft Security Essentials (Partially Enabled)?


I was not exactly sure which forum to post this in, and I am not here to debate products; I just have a few questions.

Is running CIS (AV, HIPS, Firewall, and Sandbox Enabled) with Microsoft Security Essentials (Behavioral Shield and Network Shield Enabled) a problem/big deal/issue/not recommended/okay? :smiley:

Since CIS does not have a Behavioral Shield (I know, it has HIPS, but…) or a Network Shield (Unless I am wrong and/or the Firewall counts), that would not really be that much of a conflict would it?

If it is, then why?

If it is, then how about CIS with MSE (set to on-demand only)?

Also, instead of MSE, would running CIS and Windows Defender be a problem, since Windows Defender is not a full Anti-virus? :smiley:

Also does anyone know how to enable a context menu scan option and/or enable a taskbar icon for Windows Defender in Windows 7, I do not see that option anywhere in the Windows 7 version, like the other versions? :smiley:

I am just curious and wondering what the opinions of the experts are, since the few short times that I have tested this, I did not really have any conflicts that I know of. :wink:

Thank you,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

You should have Microsoft Security Essentials’ definition files (where they are you might have to look up) into the exclusions list of Comodo Antivirus.

I’ve always read and heard that running 2 A/V with realtime guard is not at all advised, even if you exclude each other. At the best, it’ll slowdown your system, at the worst you’ll get sth misfunctionning.

As concern Windows Defender, that’s quite different. It’s just an ineffective small HIPS. It doesn’t conflict with A/Vs and not even with Def+. The only interest I see in Win Defender is its startup applications manager. But even there, you have better ones and less ressource consuming.


Windows Defender was a full on AntiSpyware, it used the then onecare spyware signatures.
As for the real time guard, you didn’t read the post properly:

Meaning just the Behaviour shield (Which does not use use signatures) and the network shield (Which would monitor the connection to the website, which would come in before Comodo and would not interfere with Comodo).

How comes than that it is always recommended to uninstall properly existing AV, meaning remove any remnants, before installing a new one? Even sometimes if it simply a new version ot the same vendor.And that if you don’t do it you can get instability of the system?

Thank y’all for your comments so far, keep them coming. :slight_smile:

Right now I only have CIS and Windows Defender installed, but I am curious in running MSE (Partially Enabled) again with CIS, since Windows Defender does not have a context menu scanning option/a taskbar icon option/& is less effective than MSE; adding the definition database location of MSE to the CIS exclusion list is a good idea, thank you. :slight_smile:

I will have to do that if I install MSE again. :wink:

an HIPS and a BB (behavior blocker) are same, meaning compatibility issues ( like 2 AV even if one disabled, active components are still there)

A HIPS and behavior blocker are not the same things. A HIPS will intercept anything that tries to run. A BB will watch for certain suspicious behaviors before acting. There might be some compatibility issues, but not likely.

That sounds about right to me, thank y’all for sharing your opinions, and any one else is welcome to share theirs as well. :slight_smile:

not exactly the same of course, but you should not run an HIPS and BB at same time.

Thank you for sharing your opinion. :slight_smile:

In fact, if you have CIS full you won’t need anything else.
As to Windows Defender it’s a simple antispyware and it doesn’t hurt to enable it. No conflicts there.

Thank you. :wink:

I have got Comodo Antivirus and Microsoft SE II. I want to run 2 realtime Scanners at the same time.

I tested it wiht the Eicar testfile. comodo blocked it. I turned Comodo off. Now Microsoft blocked it.

In the moment right now only comodo is running and MSE II is running on demand, i make a full scan every week. But I intend to turn on both and use 2 Realtime-Scanners.

What problems can this cause? I mean Security-Problems.

I will turn on MSE II right now. Don’t try to stop me. If I do niot answer today, my computer is destroyed. There must be victims for science.

Your computer will get instability since the Comodo is hooked in the kernel like MSE.
The security problems that you may found is for example the miss of a sample, nobody knows the reaction of the 2 real-time scanners every time.

Okay, but if i turn the real time protection of MSE II of, it will work?

Yes; it will work, but I don’t see a point in using MSE as an on-demand scanner. There are much better scanners like MBAM, SUPERAntiSpyware, Hitman Pro…

Or you can use Microsoft’s Windows Defender (which is not a Full Anti-Virus but is an Anti-Spyware Program) for Companion Real-Time Protection along side a main Anti-Virus such as Avira Antivir Personal (Free), and use BitDefender Free and Norton Power Eraser for On-Demand (It does not have Real-Time Protection, so you do not have to worry about adjusting any settings for that :wink: ).

So one custom layered defense setup example could be:

  1. Real-Time Anti-Malware: Avira Antivir Personal (Free)
  1. Firewall: Windows Firewall (Free)
  1. Real-Time Browser Protection And/Or Community Based Ratings: AVG LinkScanner Free And/Or BitDefender TrafficLight Beta And/Or WOT (Web Of Trust)
  1. DNS Service With Malware Blocking And/Or Web Filtering: Norton DNS

Their Support Forum is mixed in with Other Norton Products and can be found here:

Their Support E-mail Address is:


  1. Software Updater & Security Patcher: Secunia PSI
  1. On-Demand Anti-Malware Scanner: Emsisoft Anti-Malware Free And Hitman Pro

Just an example of one of many possible combinations, good luck. :slight_smile:

Thank you

Past: I used CIS and MSE II at the same time, but the computer was getting slow. I am not sure why, but i deinstalled MSE II.

Presence: Right now I use CIS (AV, Firewall, D+) and Threatfire as Realtime, and MBAM and Superantispyware as On Demand.


  • No Problem in turning on Windows Defender realtime Protection
  • No Problem in installing Bitdefender without realtime

Update Presence:

Real Time:

  • CIS

  • Windows Defender

  • Threatfire

  • Secunia Inspector

On Demand:

  • Malwarebytes
  • Superantispyware

downloading right now:

  • Bit Defender


You are welcome. :slight_smile:

I am not sure if CIS has this problem, but I know that Avira Antivir sometimes tries to block some of the BitDefender Free files during Deep Scans; so if you have this problem you can report it and/or use another on-demand scanner(s) instead.

Also some companies do not recommend having Windows Defender enabled, if you have their product installed, Avira is one; I am not sure what Comodo recommends, so you should ask about that and/or just Disable Windows Defender.

Good luck. :slight_smile: