Is it ok to still use v5?

I’ve been using it for over 3 years and prefer it over v6 for many reasons, the main one being the GUI. Don’t know how good v7 is, maybe I’ll download it on my other machine to see if it’s better than v6…

Is it ok to still stay with v5?

Whether or not you want to use an older version, it’s up to you. I feel as though Comodo keeps getting better with each update that it goes through.

Same here and I am not planning to update at least for now (and not because I don’t appreciate the hard work of Comodo team) but because I am a HIPS user and not a sandbox user at all. I like the GUI of v5 more… it’s light on system resources, stable, don’t have unneeded (for me) features, the windows are resizable (if I remember correctly they weren’t in version 6 and I don’t know if they are resizable in v7) and of course the rules creation is a bit easier in v5 due to more intuitive interface. (If I remember correctly in v6 if you want to create such a rule like this one =>;msg630514#msg630514 then you should create a rule for a random file and then to edit it the way you want). I could be wrong of course for all these things but before I decide to upgrade I’ll create a new image with Macrium Reflect just in case. :slight_smile:


yes its fine still using v5. it is recommended to use the latest version because there have been tons of vulnerability fixes and improvements. CIS v5 will continue to get av updates until further notice

While I guess it’s okay to use the old version if you want to, isn’t it sort of dangerous not to upgrade?