Is it OK to delete the files in My own safe files occasionally

Hi there, I’m not sure if i can delete the files in my own safe files
After there has been a download and there are waiting files in the my pending files, I usually click the purge button first and then any remaining items i put in my own safe file. How long can you keep items in the my own safe files? because their are a lot of files in there and when i click on my own safe files to see what i have in there it takes a very long time for it to open because there are so many files. Is it OK and safe to delete them after a month or so? Are these files copies? My comodo defence is on a clean PC mode

Yes they are safe to remove. It does not remove the files from your pc but only removes them from pending files. If you do not want pending files any more then simply use safe mode for D+. Clean pc mode gives you pending files and lets you submit them to increase Comodo’s whitelist.

Thanks for that
I was wondering if all those files stored in the my own safe files would they take a lot of space on my hard drive and if they are copies of the original which is also stored on the hard drive. Can you delete them straight away from the my pending files? as well as deleting from the my own safe files? Does it actually delete the copies from the computer. Maybe I will try using the safe mode like you said I’m not sure yet.

Hi Helen,

Defense+ in Safe Mode will learn all your applications and unknown ones and Defense+ Will Alert you. However, If you are sure your PC is 100% Clean, Use “Clean PC Mode”, This way all currently installed applications on your computer are assumed safe (you will not receive any Defense+ alerts), But unknown ones introduced to the computer will make Defense+ Talk.

You DON’T have to deal with pending files in Clean PC Mode, Remove them every few days, or use Safe Mode.


Thanks Josh
How can one be sure if a PC is absolutely 100% clean. So maybe i should use safe mode like you suggested. My Firewall security level is set to “safe mode” so if i change the defence+ set at “clean PC mode” to “safe mode” i would have the defence + security level set to “safe mode” as well.
I also get defence+ alerts for known applications when Microsoft is downloading updates for my PC and other known security programs updates, what i usually do is click the updater button on the alert and ok and it continues without alerts most of the time, after i get the message box the “installation mode” reminder to switch back, which i do