Is it off topic? [Resolved]

If this forum is supposed to be off topic anything and everything why was i told by justin i was spamming,it was a public topic i was talking about.

Feel free to talk about anything and everything in this board,quote.

What did you talk about? ???

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Please do not spam.
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Hi. I will talk to him to get his understanding and perhaps give you an explanation BUT I can see his point , this is almost advertising. This is one of those fine lines and I believe Justin acted as he should have, nothing personal against you , you understand, but if something that is walking the fine line as spam\advertising is let go, others may begin doing this as well. I hope you see the point here and general discussion is as it says>discussion. Putting in advertising is not considered discussion. I would like to say I "don’t " believe this to be your intention :wink: But as I explained you have to understand where we must draw the line as well. Don’t take it personal as Justin was simply doing what he is supposed to do. :wink:


Hello Jockwav,

I have sent you a PM explaining all the details, if you have any other questions feel free to PM me about them, I will be happy to answer them. Please understand that this is nothing personal against you, I simply saw that it may be considered spam and took an action that I found suitable.

Hello Jockwav,

I have gone ahead and put the topic back to the way it was, sorry for the misunderstanding :-[

Thanks justin np (:WAV) (:CLP) (:HUG)