Is it normal to have zero intrusion attempts?

Hi, so I’ve been using Zone Alarm for a while and it blocked attempts pretty often so I was at a quite high number. Therefore I’m not really used to seeing the number “0” over here. I’ve used Comodo for four days and it’s still at zero blocked intrusion attempts.
It’s probably a stupid question but is this normal? Since Zone alarm had such a high number I’m kind of getting a bit paranoid from this. Like, perhaps I’ve done something wrong in the settings or anything…
My network defense is set as Custom Policy mode and the alert settings are set to low.

Try setting Alert Settings to Medium. Make sure all the check boxes (that window) are checked except ICS.

What does System Status tell under Summary? Also run Diagnostics under Miscellaneous and see if that brings some new insight or not.

Are you behind a router? If so, you can expect to see very few intrusion attempts.

ZoneAlarm might have been logging normal router chatter as “intrusions”.

That would be my bet because I have seen that happen before with software firewalls.

The summary tells me that it’s all working fine and the summary did not find any problems.

Nope, I am not behind a router!

This seem to be it though. Since I tried this the number is now increasing. (although I don’t think I should be happy about that! :p)

Thanks everybody!

:smiley: :smiley: I thought that response seemed off.