Is it normal to have Windows Firewall enabled along with COMODO's Firewall?

On Windows 7, Windows Firewall was always off when I had COMODO’s Firewall installed, I never changed any settings, it was just defaulted to off I guess when the install happened. And Windows Action center never gave any alerts saying that it was set to off because COMODO was installed.

On Windows 10 though, they are both set to on, and if I disable Windows own firewall it turns red, making it look like I need to take action and turn it back on.

Is there conflict having both on?

It is a known bug that comodo does not disable the windows firewall on windows 10

Therefore you need to manually disable the windows firewall to prevent conflict between the two.

When I manually disable it, it looks like this

Mentions nothing about Comodo being the active firewall, seems like I’m not protected. Is this normal?

Hi Im_Special,
Check under security in ‘Security and Maintenance’, not under Windows Firewall. (Screenshot)

Kind regards.

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In that case it looks good on my end.

Good to hear. :-TU