Is it necessary to "update" (upgrade) from CPF?


CPF keeps telling me an “update” is available—except it’s not an update, it’s something called Comodo Internet Security, which includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, and lots of other stuff I already have covered by other apps.

I’ve been quite happy with CPF and prefer not to switch to anything more complicated. (Aint’ life complicated enough?)

Is it actually necessary to “update” to CIS just to keep using the firewall? Has CPF actually become CIS? But if it had, wouldn’t you have explained that in your “update” messages? (That’d actually be an “upgrade”, BTW… An “update” is a minor version change to an existing app, not a transition to a completely different one.)

If it’s not necessary to switch, is there any way to turn off the reminders?

Thanks, Ander

Hi Ander,

If you’re updating from Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 you will get the Firewall update only, No AV will be installed. Yes it is necessary so you can get the benefits of bug fixes & improvements.


I will add a suggestion to this, though. Do a clean install of CIS and just select the firewall option.

Well, yes, a bit of explanation would probably help people understand.

Thanks for the swell firewall, BTW!