Is it necessary another similar solution besides CFP?

Hi everybody,

This topic is a repetition of my message I wrote 15 days ago and it has no reply. It might be in unsuitable category. My message was:

"I adopt the unity in most areas of life. So, for me, it must be enough only one firewall for all related issues. CFP makes me believe that is the best solution. However, I see some members of this forum who use others like PeerGuardian.

I want to ask that if it is necessary another similar solution besides CFP. No confusing, I mean firewall issues. Not antivirus, antispam etc."

Any comments?


Sorry no one has answered you, aXes. (I know the feeling :wink: since it happened to me a few times before. I wonder if it’s because our questions are too difficult ???).

I also see lots of users around the web mention or use PeerGuardian. I don’t know if I had before or not. Don’t remember…

According to wikipedia:
PeerGuardian and PeerGuardian 2 are free and open source programs developed by Phoenix Labs. They are capable of blocking incoming and outgoing connections based on IP blocklists. Their purpose is to help protect the user’s privacy from organizations such as the RIAA and MPAA while using filesharing networks such as FastTrack and BitTorrent. The system is also capable of blocking advertising, spyware, government and educational ranges, depending upon user preferences.

Whether it’s necessary or not depends on your usage. I personally don’t need it. Think of it as a blacklist aid like a hosts file to block certain sites or IP’s. It’s actually possible to block IP (ranges) with CFP - though very impractical to create hundreds+ of rules.


Thanks for your kindly answer. Someones also may explain their ideas.