Is it me or is the new comodo firewall really confusing

hi everyone im not sure which version i currently have but i think its the 1st one they realesd and i find it so easy 2 use, i updated thinking it was a regular update but no it was a hole new firewall and i must say i did not understand it, it seemed to confusing the way it was layed out compared to the version i had, so i restored my system and went back to wat i had b4, just wanted to make sure it was still ok 2 use the old one and if there were any floors with it maybe thats why a new 1 come out i dont no

would appriciate anyones opinion on this


Hello superJT

Version 3 is a whole new concept from v-2. If you install it with default setting to a clean PC, and let it do it’s thing for a while, you can be confident of a secure PC. The Defense+ will give you a lot of popups (small) while it scans your apps and sets a policy for each.

Try it again when you feel you are ready.


would u advise upgrading to it then just i want the best protection i guess but it was just a lot 2 take in

This would be your choice. In the meantime version 2 will protect you just fine.