Is it feasible to sandbox your web browser in the Comodo Sandbox?

IMHO it is not feasible to sandbox my web browser in the Comodo Sandbox because it prevents Silverlight-powered websites from working. When I sandboxed Firefox and tried to access, its Silverlight content would not load because the Comodo Sandbox prevented Firefox from access a COM interface (svchost).

Sure it gives way better security, but it really screws with the add-ons etc and I’ve found myself going to the Virtual root to fix or delete files several times each day, probably more then 12 times each day. I started to get sick of it and took it out of the sandbox.

Opera’s not too bad in the sandbox, What I’ve had no joy with is printing and reading pdf’s.

@lyn and SanyaIV…you could use the free version on Sandboxie.

I have no problems with opera.
But i am unable to print. It does not matter if it is opera, sumatra, etc. Hope V. 6 will lead with this