Is it difficult to get infected?

I wanted to run some tests on virtualbox, how D+ manages to block any rogue files. I turned off real time scanner and even firewall, also I’ve visited many warez sites to test my first line defence. Unfortunalelly after 2 days without antivirus and firewall my virtual PC is clean :(, yeah that sounds stupid ;D but I wanted to get infected. Maybe virtual environment is the cause… I do not know.However If someone has links to malicious sites please send me pm :). Thanks

Consider joining the Malware Research Group. You’ll definitely find some malware on that board. :wink:

You also may be behind a hardware firewall.

I use Wifi and maybe my internet provider has network firewall, I do not know. Firewall can block malware to getting into pc alone, without AV protection?

If you use WiFi, you are behind a router. Your router likely has a hardware firewall, but due to the way NAT works, you’re protected from most unwanted traffic even without the routers firewall being turned on.

Breen, I suggest you join the malware research group. Just PM melih asking to join and why.
One job that a firewall performs is blocks the ports from outside requests to make a connection. If those ports were open and you allowed incomming requests - Then you could become infected rather quickly…I don’t suggest doing this.

Anyway, Instead of going to all that hastle and it’s probably alot easier if you joined the malware research group. We share malware and discuss it’s behaviours and also report them more directly to comodo. ( This is the feeling I get ) As we usually get answered within the day :smiley:

Well, I considered that, but joining MRG obligates :), Today I have lot of time but I am not sure I will have time to do any reaserch etc. in the future.

IMO if you are behind a Router with NAT and SPI,dont do any file sharing(be it windows,torrents,mule etc) dont visit the dark side and are generally a safe surfer/downloader,you are unlickely to become infected,dont get me wrong it can and does happen so its best to be prepared for the worst!!

Are you still researching this subject, Breen? I could suggest one or two sites for you. To maximise the effect, It would be good to download some files from them.

Virtual machine will still succumb to attack unless the host app has protection, or there is external influence.

Was the guest windows XP? It would probably have the firewall turned on, and don’t forget the attack has to pass your own security before it can reach the virtual one.

You don’t need to visit any sites to be compromised. Just let It sit there for a while and hopefully be port scanned would be enough, though If you set a web server going on It may provide a nice attraction.
XP comes with one already:

I’ve seen a freshly installed XP machine be compromised in the seconds It takes before a connection to windows update was even finalised. The only firewall was XP’s own and the client, Internet explorer.