Is it dangerous to turn off the firewall for a short time?

The instruction manual for my Netgear USB device states:

“• Some firewall software, such as Comodo, blocks the ReadySHARE Print utility from accessing the USB printer. If you do not see the printer in the utility, you can disable the firewall temporarily to allow the utility to work”.

(from user manual on Netgear website, bottom of page 8,

I am actually using the Netgear “USB control centre” utility to link a USB hard drive and not for a USB printer, but I think the same logic applies. I cannot see the device in the utility, even though the utility is an allowed application in Comodo, until I switch Comodo firewall completely off and on again.

Is it dangerous to turn off a firewall for a desktop computer on a home network for a short time? >:-D

What do you think?

Maybe there a workaround with Comodo to making the device visible in the utility without turning off firewall if I know the device is at "\\USB_Storage" on the network?

follow the manual advice : on a lan (private network at home without connections outside (on the net); it is not important , but on the net ; i should not do it - i suppose you do not wish sharing with anyone your work … it can be controlled from outside maybe … and even with WiFi /Bluetooth …
i do not know if comodo can do something : if it blocks maybe it is because a danger exists about sharing without authorization or stealing data in the memory of the printer ; so you cannot reproach at a firewall to do well its job.
(it is only an opinion not an expert advice)

You need to find the Port for the Router’s ReadySHARE. A quick google shows that it’s usually default to TCP 80, a bad idea, and is recommended to change it to something above privileged ports.