Is it a malware? Please help me

Please help me… I have an annoying program on my computer and it shows in the traybar and the pop-up message is: “system alert! System has detected a number of active spyware applications that may impact the performance of your computer…bla…bla…bla…” and when i click or right click the icon, it always refers me to is for sale | HugeDomains So… is it a malware? Please help me how to clean this up, i can’t find the .exe file. Please…

Definetly malware (:AGY) (:LGH)

ok thanks but how to fix this? how to scan and remove with Comodo BoClean 4.25?

BoClean doesn’t scan (:TNG) You should try downloading a trial version of some good anti-malware program :SMLR Like BitDefender, Kaspersky or Spyware Doctor. When you’re done, download a free antivirus program - AVG, Avast or Avira for future protection.

Ofcourse - take in mind your computer’s resourses.

Edit - I saw that you’re usin’ AVG. Strange. BoClean and AVG missed to detect that malware :THNK
So - if you try to scan with some other antivirus - make sure you uninstall AVG before installing the new one, then reinstall AVG or other antivirus I mentioned back :SMLR That Virus Heat program is questionable - never heard about it - and believe me - I tried almost all security software available.

(:WAV) - Welcome to the forums, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thank you very much for your info, yup i use AVG and it checks for update everyday, but i installed the comodo’s after i’ve been attacked. The trojan was removed by AVG but it leaves a malware inside the machine, then i rescan the computer again, but nothing happend the malware still stick on my computer… OK thankz again man… I’ll try to get that anti malware program…

You should try and use Comodo Firewall Pro. Than U will get some REAL kick-■■■ protection (:KWL)

OK Thankz :BNC

You should see this topic;msg135963#msg135963
It handles about the same, see my post and the one benead it


as a start, you should never click on any “alert” or pop-up link you did not ask for, and also use a safe browser (firefox/NoScript is fine).

as for the desinfection, there are several tools for it (eg: spyware doctor…) and extensive manual procedure.

But, rather then writing here one or two full pages, type in Google US “virusheat” and you will find all you need, like this one: