is it a false positive?

This program was reported as adware. I think it is a false positive:

Please confirm. Thx


Thank you for the feedback. We are going to look at it.


It looks like CMS does not detect it with current virus DB. Could you please re-check it?

no ilkers , it’s still there 88) :frowning:
virus DB 40.104

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi ilkers, the FP is still there!!
Can you confirm the file is infected?

what’s up guys? Is it so hard now to remove a fp? :o
Also any news regarding the next release of CMS? 88)

Actually it’s not detected by signature, rather by in-built anti-pushad engine which may be harder to fix. CMS informed you that it can contain some aggressive advertisement, why not add this to white-list and just ignore? In my opinion there is no problem here.

thx morphiusz :slight_smile: