Is it a bad idea to run Defense+ and Avira together?

When I check the “Action center” in Windows 7 I notice that it tells me two malware programs are running and that they do not recomend I do ths.

I am currently running Comodo Defense+ and Avira Antivir Free program.

I have not engaged any issues thus far and I do like the extra protection Defense+ provides.

Is it alright If I allow both to run?

Thank you :-*

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As long as you are not running the AntiVirus component of CIS you are fine. Defense+ should run fine with Avira.

nope, just running Comodo Firewall. Thanks

I was under the assumption that the Avira AntiVir Guard provides the same type of HIPS protection as Comodo Defense+, is that true?

I’ve never used Avira Antivir Internet Security, but I think I remember that when I used to use their AV they called their real-time scanner the Guard. I believe that is probably what you are talking about.

Can you please let me know which program you’re talking about? Also, a link or screenshot would be nice?

Yeah, I think that’s right–a screenshot is attached. I have the Guard set so it scans files before opening, reading and executing and after writing. This is different from HIPS?

P.S. Thank you for the quick reply! :slight_smile:

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Yes, Comodo’s HIPS will prevent any program from running or changing any other applications. Essentially even if a piece of malware is not yet detected by any AV CIS will prevent it from making any changes to your system unless you allow it.

Of course for safe applications Comodo will check the file out and decide if it is malicious or not. If it is safe it will be added to the safe list and you will never receive another popup for it.

Avira’s guard only scans for files that it knows are dangerous or that are detected with its heuristics.

I hope this answers your questions.

This clarifies things for me and is really helpful to know. Thanks so much, Chiron! :slight_smile: