Is IceDragon Completely Independent from FireFox?

I want to stop using FireFox, but I want to know if IceDragon is COMPLETELY independent from Mozilla.

IceDragon is made possible by the Firefox open source project based on Firefox

Completely ? no, it is opensource (share and check) _ it is a comodo product so it is different but based on ; now, mozilla ; it is something else which international team and anothers politics - and there are certainly connections between devellopers.

In fact, the question should have to be asked to mozilla : hey mozilla are you in the icedragon project ?

Completely independant , i will answer no , different/better yes

why do you not try dragon ?

Drogon be cool. I be usin’ Iced Viserion on my Server 2003 R2 system. I knowed I was gonna hafta deal wit dis sooner rather than later. All the interwebs are breakin’ on me cause IE8 be defunkin’ The final straw be when My Yahoo themes got all broke this week 'cause of da new ■■■■■ page. Now works good last long long time.

I did the import thingy and the only hink-up there was was wit da Favorites. So I did the export thingy in IE8 to HTML - manual destination to custom Documents folder - and imported from HTML in Rhaegal and presto bingo!

It be lookin’ like the cookies came in w/ out a hitch, cause I just noticed I’m logged onto this site.

Dunno what affect dumping Firefox freeware is going to have on a bunch of mindless libs anyways. But given that Drogon melted Kraznys mo Nakloz’ face when Daenerys Targaryen - the First of Her Name, Daenerys Stormborn, Khaleesee of the Dothraki, the Unburnt, sole surviving heir of Aerys II Targaryen, widow of Khal Drogo of Dothraki - took possession of 15,000 Unsullied in the Astapori Plaza of Punishment, I’m happy to oblige in like manner and use Comodo’s excellent alternative browser; especially since I’m already happily using CIS since Feb 2010 (and presently v5.12)

presto bingo!
(i did not know these terms _thx.)

I’m waxing poetic with vernacular particular to Game of Thrones

Except for presto bingo! is purely malapropism.

BTW, 1st episode of third season of GoT is soon to air. I already know how the season will end; it will ■■■■ everybody’s mind. At least, if I was directing / producing / shooting, that’s how I would end season 3 (on sockdolager cliffhanger ending that leaves you pining for the fjords in anticipation for opening credits to episode 1 season 4).

I know because I’m reading all the books after watching seasons 1 & 2 on DVD.

nice malapropism : presto bingo !

I want to thank you because you built Icedragon. It simply is fantastic. It is a unic browser because it has 3 features together.

  1. It is portable
  2. It is really portable and doesn’t install anything in Operative system. Other “portable” software (such as VLC) install some files in O.S.
  3. It has and its autonomous DNS and doesn’t need other DNS.
    Theese 3 features together allow the user to solve certain problems that cannot be solved with any other browser.
    I hope you will follow the development of Icedragon.
    Can I give a suggestion? If it sees an old version of Java it locks navigation. Instead it would be better to allow the user to choose if to continue navigation or not.

And a question: could I use Comdo secure DNS with Firefox? That is: I can’t change DNS in Operative system or router so I would change DNS DIRECTLY in Firefox. Is there an extension that a allows this?