Is Hotspotshield a trojan or not ?


I downloaded hotspot shiled cause i wanted to watch veoh that is not available from my country. ( i watched the tut vid on youtube - YouTube )

First i tried it on Win7 but there NOD32 claimed it a trojan and so i could not install it.I checked google, and many said that its a FP. I switched back to Xp, and managed to install it ( Avira and Comodo did not alert). I could watch then veoh, but it had a lot of ads( mostly porns ) on everysite, and sometimes when i clicked on a link, it redirected me to another site what i did not want to see. After i finished watching veoh, i killed all the processes and services realted to hotspot shield and restarted the browser, but it could not connect to the internet anymore. I tried all the bowsers i have( Ie, Mozzilla, Chrome, Opera ) no one of them worked, so i restarted the comp then it was ok, but the whole thing that happened was suspicious and i checked the active connections on the CP of comodo and i had 300+ connections in Opera :o. After a short while it reduced to 60 and then 30 what is a bit betterm but its too much tho too i think, in chrome i have about 3-10 with the same sites open. I also noticed that there are various service host connections randomly appearing/disapperaing among the active connections, i dunno what they could be, cause i aint did nothing that could open or close a new connection.

Before i installed this ■■■■, i had no such problems.

I downloaded it from the original website :

it says no adware,spyware etc…

I say WTF then ? ???

I believe you… it looks a bit fake…

Virustotal says its clean:

CIMA is still working on it…

Some of the reviewes on WoT say its bad:

Even in a few underground forums complain about this (hotspot shield)

it will not change the IP. it will create a VPN IP to masked your real IP when you are browsing the internet. it doesnt apply when you download a file its for HTTP only, your real IP address will not be revealed instead a USA IP address from Hotspot Shield. this is ad-supported freeware, it can make your internet slow and can make errors for your IE so dont use it when not needed.
I can quote more, but they all seem to say the same thing more or less (In so many words)

It’s your call :-TU

Interesting. On virustotal NOD did not find it suspicious. But yeah…thats the installer what was scanned. Its namely the openvpnas.exe what is claimed by NOD to be a win32/genetik trojan.

I had that VPN before. The only bad about the VPN is, it’s a lot of advertise that popups when using the program on other sites. But it was long time ago i used that VPN.

Hi. I work for Anchorfree - the company that made Hotspot Shield. We are aware of the situation with ESET and our latest version (which will be released in about a week) will work fine with ESET. Our software does not have any malware, but we do show ads on top of the web-pages. Our advertisers cover the cost of providing our users with a free VPN Service.

Regarding porn ads - users will see porn ads only when they are browsing adult websites. If a user is browsing non-adult websites like (or this blog) - they will not see any porn ads. :wink:

Over 7 million people in 100+ countries use Hotspot Shield every month. We are reviewed by NY Times, Wall Street Journal, CNET, PC magazine etc. You can be confident that we do not have malware or spyware in our program. :slight_smile:


I am not sure what was happening with your internet connection. The way our software works is you can connect or disconnect from icon tray by clicking on Hotspot Shield icon. Once disconnected, you should be able to browse internet normally. Please email me if you would like us to help you with the issue - cheers - Art

No it does not work like that, i can prove it with a video if you want. There are 3 services running in the background even if you turn off HS with the tray icon. And when its turned off my network speed is a bit faster, but not that fast as it should be, and i still get different ads, mostly porn, not only on adult sites( i dont know what is claimed to be adult, usually i dont watch porn sites ) and also get a lot of redirections. That is a click on a link on YT, waiting for the video to load, and suddenly get another site, with some ad. After stopping the services, i am cut off from the web, at least from the 80th port, casue no one of my browsers work, they cant even find the DNS-s. I checked whether the proxy settings were ■■■■■■■ up by the HS, but there is nothing than the default settings, so the HS must mess up something on the network service level.

May be you are infected with malware. Please follow What to do if you’re infected - eXPerience Rev.3 and report back to us.