Is HIPS some kind of a Heuristic Scan?

What exactly is HIPS that new CAV v2 will have and how it works?!


HIPS is Host Intrusion Prevention System. It monitors everything that happens on the computer, such as applications opening other applications, new applications opening, etc. It then alerts the user to this so they can make a judgement as to if it is safe or not.

This method makes it impossible for any malware to bypass the AV without an alert being raised. The HIPS in CAVS will have a ‘safe list’ so there isn’t too many popups for a user to deal with.

There is more information here


So Heuristic scan is soemthing different?
Will cav v2 have heuristic scan enabled?

Also i ahve a suggestion to make!
Why not make CPF + CAV into 1 application so we can have 4 free an firewall + antiviris + antispyware in just one app! :slight_smile:

Cool huh?!

Yes, heuristics is different and will be enabled in CAVS version 2. Heuristics look for similarities in files that are similar to current malware in its database. If they are similar then it is identified as a possible new malware type.

I don’t think putting all the applications together is a good idea. Many users prefer to have a choice between different providers when choosing programs like these, but wouldn’t be able to in this case.
However, I think Comodo were planning on making each Comodo application ‘communicate’ with each other if they were installed.


Thank you very much that would be great thing to do by the Comodo Team!

You’re welcome. :wink:


Sorry to jump in on this thread :-[. So will version 2.0 act similar to System Safety Monitor? In that it will maintain a list of trusted applications and which child processes, the parent can execute.



Yes, CAVS will have a safelist something like this. I’ve never used System Safety Monitor so I don’t know exactly how it works to make a full comparison.


So will the trusted list be updated along with the definitions downloads? So we won’t have to re-install to have the latest version of the “Trusted List”.

cheer, rotty

I do hope so, including CPF as well.


I believe it will merely download the deltas, plus you will be able to submit known good apps for analysis and inclusion in the white list.

ewen :slight_smile:

Yep, just download the certified list regularly… like AV’s do for their signatures.



cheers, rotty