Is hips necessary? which is the best combination?

EQsecure is better :SMLR :SMLR

I’ve heard good things about that,only trouble is I can’t read Chinese (:LGH)

Any kind of virtualizing attempts is ■■■■.

There is no WAY OF HIDING on the web.

I just felt the need to mention that simple truth.

Don’t hide and do ■■■■■■ things.
Surf safely and be YOURSELF is all one should do. Don’t be ashamed. Do it.

Be yourself. Enjoy yourself.

Remember it’s YOUR LIFE.

Lived by you, once.

What has sandboxie got to do with anonimity on the web? I’m talking about running a web browser within a sandbox isolated from the actual system in order to prevent drive by malware and spyware embedding within it,that has nothing to do with the likes of TOR and Privoxy. ???

Depends on what your intentions are.
Is underwear necessary?
Is music necessary?
Is god necessary?

Depends on what you are.

Some of the above things are more than important to me. Are they necessary, though? I don’t really know.

I can read chinese, but you don’t need to , to work eqsecure.

EQsecure 3.41 is fully traslated to english, free, and you can use (import) the last “Alcyon’s rule set” for highest protection. (:WIN)
Of course, EQsecure 3.41 hasn’t “network module”, so you can use a “pure” firewall with it without problems.

Thanks for the info Zen :-TU

You could also use DefenseWall HIPS to run browsers and email clients within virtual environments, for example. It does a very great job and it works just out of the box. No tweaking needed for the new and unexperienced users. They will get along just fine.

I’m using it right now for my browsing. It is a very great tool.

thanks for your reply. but nowadays I’ve been using windows much less because I use the gnu linux which It’s not easy to be infected by virus and malwares. although when I use more rarely I’ve been using the sandboxed web browser which It makes a great job and I have bought the lifetime key combining the comodo products that I relly rely on regards

Well, don’t thank just yet.

I was just using it for a couple hours and was being great, but, I then needed to reboot my system and I got a blue screen of death. Then, in the same day I got two more. Today, another one.

1+1=2, DefenseWall HIPS was causing the BSODs. No more since I uninstalled it.

I don’t if it is something normal (I doubt it is) to happen, but I don’t expect that from happening with a final release. I would understand if we were talking about a beta or release candidate, but not with a final version.

Anyway, I don’t doubt that DefenseWall HIPS provides a great security layer, but I discard the BSODs. You’re also better off with Linux. I’ll also switch to it in a few weeks!!! :slight_smile: I’ll still be using Windows, but my main work will be done with Linux.

Best regards.

Well, to give my opinion.

Best HIPS I have seen:

IMO, If you can use Defense+ well you won’t need any other HIPS. Ive survived with Defense+ for a year without ANY AntiVirus or any other security app, apart from SAS on-demand since November 2007 when CFP 3.0 was released. But now I’m with CIS and like the layered security architecture. :slight_smile:


I’d agree that a user that’s able to manually configure rules in D+ doesn’t really need any other security than CIS.Any of the policy restrictions of Defensewall can be duplicated with D+ (and more besides).