Is Google Chrome really a Virus or trojan.

A friend told me that Google chrome has a virus in it and I wasn’t quite sure about it. I did some research on it finding out that around the same amount of people say its safe and others who agree with my friend. I want to know truly if his claim is true.

Googles varient of Chromium, doesn’t contain any viruses, what it does have is lots of user tracking capabilities, so if you care about privacy, use something else, such as Comodo Dragon asuming you want a chromium based browser…

I have read recently that a certain AV product had a faulty virus definition update that was giving False positives about Google Chrome and has since been corrected.

Indeed that was highly amusing ;D

if you have google chrome installed

on vista/7
go to start menu
type schedule
open task scheduler then task scheduller library

you will get a surprice

Trojan may infect your system and infect your google chrome. Google chrome is not virus but it may be infected by other malwares.

Yeah. After doing more research. It seemed that AVG had it down as a false positive. Or some antivirus product.