Is Free Firewall Not available anymore?

Was looking for comodo free firewall but can’t seen to find it to download. I did get to a page that said i could download it, but after clicking button it went to a blank page. Is their a place to download it from, or has it been discontinued as free?

Thanks for the help and the link? Before i install it i wanted to ask one more question. Has the kill switch been fixed? I know a year or so ago it was bugged. Thanks again for helping out and answering my question.

Shouldn’t be a problem with it. I just installed CFW on this system and KillSwsitch works just fine

Thank you!

Here are all the links for version 8012:

I am not a regular user of KillSwitch. I have never encountered any bugs with this software when I use it.
I haven’t seen any posts on the forum about problems with KillSwitch. Maybe other people on the forum can tell you more.