Is firewall run as service before logon?

Which one is the firewall? cmdagent.exe or cfp.exe?
If it’s cfp.exe: why doesn’t it run as a service that runs before logging on (like windows firewall)?
If it’s cmdagent.exe: why doesn’t it run before logging on?

Now there is a moment of weakness that could be exploited.

If cfp.exe is the firewall, I rekon its not a good idea to change the startup to as a service (and change it to run before logging on), because I can imagine at a next update, it might change things around and ■■■■■ things up, no?

Hi Danichan, welcome to the forums.

Neither, directly. cfp.exe is the GUI front-end that talks to the user. cmdagent.exe is the service which interfaces with cfp.exe and the drivers (the real teeth & what you might call the firewall). The drivers are loaded at Windows start, unless in Safe-Mode.

Thanks Kail.
So it’s fully secured from startup?

I’m glad, because the first thing I alway do when I install an new OS, is getting rid of windows firewall and installing the magnificent Comodo firewall.


Yes, it’s fully secured from start-up. Even if you manually killed both cfp.exe & cmdagent.exe, the firewall will still be fully functional & secure. You just wouldn’t be able to talk to it, or it to you.