Is firefox.exe not recognized?

When there is something that has to do with Firefox, for example when I installed a new version of KeyScrambler, Defense+ alerts me that firefox.exe is an application that can’t be recognized. How can that be? This makes me anxious. What is wrong here? Surely firefox.exe is a well-known application, right?

I get the same behavior.

Probably a later version than is in the CFP safe application database. Try adding it to “my own safe files” under defense+/common tasks.

hmm…that’s one of the mysteries in CFP, and in situations where I can assure you the fille in use is the same one as the one in the safe list (no software upgraded, nothing). The funniest is when “Firefox, safe but unrecognized this time”, wants to launch Firefox; CFP 2.4 had its part of funny alerts too… :SMLR These funny alerts occur after a dll injection in general I believe, and they’re normal., because something in the process has changed (although the executables haven’t).They just should be formulated differently.

I also get the same behavior.
I am running firefox v
I have the setup file for this version of firefox, which I downloaded on November 30, 2007.
One would think that sufficient time had elapsed for it to appear on the safe application database.