Is Disabled er, disabled?

If the AV real-time facility is Disabled, is there likely to be any conflict with another AV?

I’m running CIS with AV off and also have Avast!

(Actually, for a couple of days I ran with AV on and, apart from it being a nuisance over some apps., there weren’t any lockups or other problems that I saw).

Only run one of the antivirus clients at a time

I know that, which is why CAV is Disabled. What I’m asking is if CAV is truly disabled.

You shouldn’t have any conflicts.

If you never plan on running the AV, you might want want to go to Add/Remove programs and “modify” your CIS install and tell it you want to uninstall the AV.

It all depends on the architecture used to “intercept” the file read/writes as this was already part of D+ they will pass those to the AV engine also, and if you disable that it just won’t put it to the engine and this should not be active what so ever.

But if you do a manual scan it will scan so the engine is still “active” only not on “real-time” if you put it to disabled.

Yes, I do use on-demand with CAV, but disable Avast’s provider’s whilst doing so.

I’m not aware of any conflicts in that, and very good to pause Avast while scanning with CIS because otherwise you could be “dual” scanning every single file and at least causing a longer scan time, and conflicts if both would alert/remove etc…