Is Defense the Firewall

Have just installed 5.0.163652.1142 and can see no mention of the Firewall, could someone tell me if Defense is the Firewall, did not see any mention of Firewall when installing.

Have I installed wrong product, wanted AV and Firewall.

Did you install Comodo Internet Security 5 ?

If so, you have a firewall, antivirus, sandbox and HIPS (Defense+).
Defense+ is a new kind of protection which alert you when something strange is happening.
For example, an unsigned software is trying to access a protected file system, you’ll receive a Defense+ alert.

A little tutorial: Comodo Quick Start Guide

here’s another download link:

if you want the AV & Firewall, choose the Download Comodo internet Security for Windows

IIRC regardless what installer you chose (AV only, Firewall only, or CIS), you’ll always get the Defense+.