Is Defense Plus blocking Spyware Terminator's updates?

I see this at times when I go to check on it. Is it blocking it or is it just alerting me about the updates?

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Those are pending files. Not block items. You need to look them up, purge them, then remove them.

What if I add them to “My safe files”?

You can do that but do what I said before that.

What does looking them up do?

It will do a look up in Comodos base to see if the files are trusted and safe. Read “What Do These Settings Do”. In the bottom left of each tab.

It keeps getting an error when looking them up. I have been trying to do this for days. If I purge will it damage anything in the program?

Purging removes files from my pending files if they are no longer on your system.
Thus purging should have no effect on the program.