Is Defense+ in CIS 5.3 compatible with Sandboxie?

Many Sandboxie users permanently disabled Defense+ in CIS 5.0 to achieve compatibility.

Since I use Sandboxie, I disable the sandbox feature in CIS. If Defense+ in CIS 5.3 is incompatible with Sandboxie, I will continue to use CIS 4.1. I would like to hear people’s experience with Defense+ in CIS 5.3 before I try it. Please include your OS and 32 or 64 bit.


Hello SilentMusic7

I do not use sandboxie because i find that CIS 5.3 Sandbox is bit much more “Stronger”; as you can’t throw malware at Sandboxie like you can at CIS 5.3

I couldn’t really help out bud;


I have seen no compatibility issues between Sandboxie and CIS 5.0 or 5.3. In fact, the browser I’m posting this from is sandboxed in Sandboxie.

I don’t have CIS permanently sandbox anything as I’m using Sandboxie for that, but I do have the automatic sandbox enabled.

Win XP SP3 32bit.

I’m using CIS 5.3 everything enabled along with sandboxie for the firefox , And I have no issues or incompatibilities at all.

Thanks to those who replied so far.

salaficall, what OS are you using?

I am interested in the compatibility results for the following OS on the PCs I maintain: WinXP 32-bit, Win7 32-bit and Win7 64-bit.

Hi SilentMusic7,

I am currently running Sandboxie 3.50 along with CIS 5.3 on Windows 7 x64, x86 and XP SP3 32Bit in a virtual machine.
No problems have arrived thus far…


p.s. Ran Firefox (Adblock+NoScript), Internet Explorer 8+9 and Opera as browsers plus various other programs.

I’m using Vista 32 bit SP2 , latest Firefox 3.6.13

I’m having no conflicts.
(see my system below)