Is Defence + Moody?

I have 5.8 on Win7 32 and programs that start other programs whenever the computer starts. The combinations are always the same. Program A starts B, C and D, etc. Sometimes Defense + then shows the popup and asks what to do with them. I say allow and after a while (perhaps days, weeks) this game happens again. Neither Defense + settings were changed nor the programs altered. How can this be?

do you mean your defence+ cannot remember settings or defence+ does not show any popup ?

Thanks for your response.

It somehow forgets the settings after a while and then of course it shows the popup. So for instance a program gets started by another program lets say 30 times and suddenly Defense+ starts to ask if this program is allowed to start the other one. Either it has never asked for this program before or it could happen that it asked for this program already and I allowed it. This only happened so far when a program starts another program. It is not easy to repeat since I never know when it might happen again.

I can live with it. I am just wondering a bit if Defense+ really works all the time.

Post your Defense+ settings and Logs.

Thank you for your response.

The logs are switched off - too many disk writes mostly for nothing. If you could tell me how to move them to a different drive location I would be happy - would move them to one of my RAM disks (contents gets saved).

In respect of settings. Defence+ is set to Save Mode. The rest under General Settings is not selected.

Execution Control Level is enabled and everything selected below. Unrecognized files are set to Partially Limited. There are no Exclusions.

Sandbox is disabled.

At Monitioring Settings everyting is on.