Is D+ a good substitute for UAC, and other questions.

I run Win7 under administrator and every time I open a PDF, which is often, Acrobat gets flagged by UAC and I need to approve. I tried to exempt it using a tutorial found on the web but that didn’t work.

That’s what led me into installing CF with D+ assuming would work somewhat like UAC. Is my thinking correct?

Anyway, after installing the FW with D+, I uninstalled Avira and installed CAV which seems to be working fine. Is it OK to run SASPro too, or unnecessary? How about Windows Defender?

D+ is UAC on steroids. It will monitor more than UAC and has the advantage it will remember your answers when you ask it to. UAC will keep on asking the same question over and over again. The main reason to disable it.

We don’t recommend to use two security programs of similar kind to run at the same time. It is often a recipe for compatibility problems. If I understand correctly SAS Pro is a signature based solution. Following our recommendations I would say choose the Comodo AV or SAS Pro.

Don’t forget, disabling UAC also disables Protective Mode in Internet Explorer. Not terribly important if you don’t use IE…

Thanks for the answers guys. I’ll disable SAS realtime protection (it never once alerted me) and see how it goes. I only use IE9 from time to time, mostly when a website isn’t rendering right on Firefox, so having protected mode disabled shouldn’t be a problem.

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