Is CTM compatible with Norton Ghost?

Just want to be sure before I install it.


I think it should install fine next to each other but as i haven’t tested it i can’t be 100% sure here…

What you should take in mind that if you wish to restore an image of a host with CTM installed you always need to create a “RAW Disk image” it won’t help if you create just a Partition dump because CTM can store it’s data outside the reach of the OS and possibly outside the Partition also, So a full disk image should be created if you wish to restore including CTM snapthots…

Hi, HowardB
CTM is not compatible with Norton Ghost and other same type of restore softwares.

Hope it helps, and thanks for your support.
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The CTM is compatible with Norton Ghost 15. When you make an image you must select disable smart sector copy in Norton Ghost. Then CTM works fine without problem. You can go back in time and all snapshot works fine. The same situation is also with Shadow Protect 3.5.1