Is CTC working?

I have just signed up for CTC free account, and I would like to know how to ensure CTC is working?

for more info- I am using comodo dragon with comodo dns on windows 7

You may go to any IP-detecting site, for example,, when you’re connected to TrustConnect. If you’re using free account, you should see as your IP. It is IP of TrustConnect access server.
Also, you may enter: tracert (or other site). The first hop IP should be 172.20.XX.XX - the TrustConnect client’s LAN.

Thanks for the info.

New Problem:
I am unable to surf with CTC connected/enabled- the websites won’t load. But when I disconnect CTC the same website loads… please help.

Try to add the static route to Comodo Secure DNS via your default gateway. To do this:

  1. Run console (“Command Prompt”) as administrator

  2. Enter route print (TrustConnect must be not active). In first row of third column you’ll see your default gateway address. For example,

  3. Enter: route add -p
    route add -p

  4. Now, if you enter route print, you should see your new static routes in section “Persistent Routes”

Yesterday I could not browse websites… today I read your above suggestion and before implementing it I wanted to give CTC a try… and I could browse and websites are loading normally… to confirm that I was actually using CTC I used My IP is that of CTC server and everything is fine.

I wonder what could have gone wrong yesterday which prevented me from normal browsing wiht CTC connected?

Thanks anyways for your support.

Ok… One more question:

I travel a lot and most of the times I travel light (I don’t carry my laptop)… instead I carry my USB Stick with me with most of my software in a Portable Format.

Now to use CTC I need the CTC Client, I was wondering if I could use a portable version of the said Client program so I could take it with me on my USB Stick and use it where ever I am. Is there a portable version? or Can we make it portable? and if we can how do I do it?

You cannot use TrustConnect Client without installation on PC, because it needs installed TAP-adapter, certain system resources and registry settings.

That is too bad… I wish CTC could become PORTABLE in future.