Is CPF free for corporate use?

Hi. I’m new here and I’m thinking of trying CPF. I’m just wondering whether I can install CPF on laptop belonging to my company and use CPF for free on the laptop. This is what I’m wanting to do. I’m not worried about security when the laptop is connected to the company LAN. But sometimes I use it the laptop at home so I need a free firewall to be install and active when I’m not within the company LAN. Please advice. Thank you.


CPF is free. No upsell, no professional version, no restictions on commercial use. Ever. Same for their anti virus (please be aware that the AV is still a beta), Verification Engine (anti phishing tool), Comodo Backup, I-Vault (secure password management). All free. For life.

Have a read through the postings in the CEO’s corner. Melih explains the underlying principles and ethics of his Desktop Security Software suite.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

I’d say if your laptop didn’t come with a top notch firewall & antivrus apps already on it, then someone has made a very serious error at your firm. Anyway you must take steps to protect the laptop & your companies data on the laptop… I’d install CPF without any hesitations in this scenario. I’d probably also email some close colleagues, who I suspect are in the same position & let them know about CPF as well. ;D