Is compacting useless?

CRC64 compared to Auslogics Registry Defrag. Any reason why so big difference? I mean 10 megs is a huge difference. Also registry size values do not match at all. Which is right? Auslogics or Comodo?

use other registry defragger for now.
CRC compacter still a lil bit buggy, haven’t experienced it though, but some ppl reports the CRC compact function caused some problem on their system :stuck_out_tongue:

yea. my ERUNT backups are all around 51mb and CRC says my registry is 28mb…

CRC focuses only on the software hive, unlike other compacters which also compacts other parts. You’ll get a hint if you look in this folder: Windows\system32\config

This might explain the differences. CRC says your registry is smaller, compared to e.g. NTREGOPT & ERUNT.


thanks LA. i’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Compacting removed in the next version FYI…

With fixes & improvements. :slight_smile:


removed for good?

Removed until they’re sure it works out for people. :-La


what do i look at in here?
i see a ‘RegBack’ folder thats 92mb

Acccccording to LA, look at the software file.

Yes, it’s called just software and it has no extension.


my software file is 21.1mb

you need to uninstall more programs (:LGH)

haha. ;D