Is Comodo's New DNS Servers Stable?

I’m just asking if the new Comodo dns servers are stable. I use the old ones for a couple of days prior to the change, they had some problems and were really slow at the time. Once I switched to the new servers, I noticed that it was faster and more efficient. So are the new dns servers Stable? Is anyone having issues with the new servers?

P.S.: Can someone tell me what the difference is in the new dns servers than the old ones?

i used them in the beginning and noticed a slow down and was patchy (lost connection randomly) so i removed them for a while. i just recently switched back and noticed a huge difference. no connection drops no slow downs (faster if anything) no problems.
i put my routers dns as the new comodo secure dns so everyone on my network uses it and i havent had any complaints yet

as for difference i couldnt tell you the technical changes.
one of the biggest additions is the content filter. to use it you will have to register here

hope this helps

Thanks,I really wanted to know if it was ok to use.