Is Comodo's firewall preventing me from using my webcam with Chatroulette?

To Whom It May Concern,

For some reason is the only site I visit that won’t allow me to click the flash buttons to start my webcam. I am not having this issue with other sites that wold also need to enable my webcam. When I try to click the buttons nothing happens at all, it’s like im just clicking a picture of a button. Any idea if Comodo is the cause? :o

Try updating to the latest version of Flash Player. What browser are you using?

I am using the Browser policy and then Opera will ask to allow outgoing traffic over various non standard ports.

What policy are you using for your browser? Can you show a screenshot of the Firewall logs of around the time of connecting to that web site?

it seems that I can access the site properly using IE 9 but not Firefox, im starting to thin it’s not Comodo. What do you think now given this new info?

the issue appears to be fixed when firefox is in safe mode, which probably means its a addon issue and NOT a Comodo issue. sorry to waste your time and feel free to do what you like with this thread.

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I have moved this to General Discussion, seeing it appears to be a Firefox addon issue.


The issues was with the Bloomind theme. I have disabled it and solved the problem and attempted to alert the author. Thank you.