Is Comodo's AV real-time? [RESOLVED]

I don’t think it is, but the wording of the “blurb” is unclear.

“Stops (viruses) before they can even get onto your system”

Does this mean that it acts as a firewall for viruses, or that it is resident and watching?

I use AVG and it’s been great until now, but I installed AVG 8 and it’s stopped me emailing. So I wondered both if CFP was getting in its way, and whether I need AVG at all.

Thanks for any help


Hello Nick, Comodo’s AV technology should not replace your real time\on demand scanner(s).

I would recommed AVIRA or AVAST, both free.

You might like to visit here;

CAVS3 should be released later this month hopefully…

Thank you Kyle. I will check out what you have suggsted.

CAVS3 is a new AV programme from Comodo?

Thanks again for your help


CAV3 (Or CAVS 3) is Comodo Anti-Virus version 3. Currently we have a CAVS 2, But it is in beta and all development has stopped on it (It’s not that good either). CAVS 3 will be released hopefully by the end off this month. We also have CIS (Comodo Internet Security Suite) Which will have CAVS 3 & CFP 3 together! :slight_smile:

The AV in CFP 3 is only “on-demand” But it does use the CAV 3 engine. We do recommend an alternative AV such as Avast for an example.


Thanks for the explanation.

The fact that development has stopped and you are releasing a whole new setup would explain why I did not know much about the AV side.

That suite sounds as if it will be …well …sweet!

Thanks again.


No Problem. I also recommend you read this sticky.

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