Is Comodo Time Machine free in a real development and test environment?

Can I use Comodo Time Machine in a real development and test environment?
In the CTM 2.6 web page (, it’s 100% free.

Thanks a lot

And the END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT of COMODO Time Machine 2.6 does NOT say that it’s only free for non-commercial perpose.


CTM is free for both home and professional use.

There are no strings attached and I have been using CTM for 18 months to successfully insulate 4 of our development systems at work.




Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Ewen, which version of CTM are you using?

Hey Tech,

We’ve installed 2.9 on all 4 dev boxes. No hiccups on any of them and all systems have been rolled back numerous times. Our devs swear by it, because they can try all sorts of crazy stuff without fear.

It did take them a couple of weeks to get truly comfortable with it, but all of them now have it on their private systems and at other dev sites.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just experienced that 2.9 had a worse free space management, besides a very long restore time. It was not this way on version 2.8 and not with other solutions like Rollback RX. The developers never said what happened.