Is comodo the best for helping others?

I have used the Comodo site several times when I have had various " troubles" with my computer and I can honestly say that the Moderators / helpers have been very, very good, with personal messages and additional help when I am totally lost in what I have done to my computer, no smarmy comments but an honest wish to help another unfortunate.

I also have ‘ESET nod 32’ and I recently used their site - whilst I have eventually had a reply , the reply was slow and also impersonal.

Just wondered what others thought of different sites that provide advice?.

Yes, Comodo is very good, along with Avast, Opera and PDF-XChange Viewer (Tracker Software - unfortunate name!).
If looking at [complex] new software I tend to do a bit of research and if there’s a forum see how active and helpful that is. If employees of the company post as well that’s a very good sign.

What I like the best about COMODO is how Melih (CEO) posts daily and lets everyone know his views and latest updates on things.



I have found this site to be extremely helpful, honest and very very realtime…which is somewhat hard to find in other software sites. (J)

Comodo Forums, Is I Think The Number 1 Forum, Even If You Have Something That Doesn’t Involve “Products or Tech”

As A Moderator, It’s Like Being The Dad And The Admins are The Grandad’s :slight_smile: and Members are our children :stuck_out_tongue:

But Seriously I Have A Undefinable Time Of Helping People and Being Apart This Family…


And the number of staff from Comodo here simply suppresses the rest.


Oh daddy help me! I need another computer and I stubbed my toe. Bo hoooooooo

I don’t like that idea of you mods being my daddies. :-\

:-TU, although I wish they had more humor like the mods. 88)

Jeremy WHO’S YER DADDY??! :slight_smile:

LOL kidding.

Anyway Comodo’s is the neatest forum on the Internet. I actually can’t still fathom how they appointed me mod.


At my advanced age of 70 years I certainly do enjoy all the help from 16 year old daddies and I salute them. They are way beyond my level in computing and that is a wonderful thing to see and I wish them the great future career that they deserve.

This forum is fortunately free from the back-biting and ego boosting so common on some other security forums.

The regular posters here are all genuinely trying to help other users rather than trying to score points and that is very refreshing these days. Some forums can be quite depressing.

Even the offensive posts get moved rather than deleted, so are there for all to see and judge for themselves. The Comodo forum has nothing to hide.

I’m a alien like ganda, remember? I’m one of the type of aliens that don’t have different sexes.

:-TU Yes, it is. And I can’t believe that I’m not permanently banned yet. 88)

Now that is funny. :slight_smile:

One time, when I was very interested in games and cheats for them, I joined cheat engine’s forum…I’ve left now though. (I didn’t like it much)

I enjoy the strict forum policy here, although I often strain at the limits 'cos of being “in the wrong company” for a time. :-X

Me either. And I even asked for a position, and what do you know. :slight_smile:


I think the best way to describe how I feel about the forums is that it’s my other family.

And then you quit then ask to be a mod again. 88)

Good to see you back around here Josh. We missed you (:AGL)

I know.

You know what guys… 2009 will be a different year! :slight_smile: I promise you guys I will not delete my account again, and I don’t break promises. And if it does happen, then you will know I don’t really care… But yeah you know what I mean, I test MANY MANY security Software in the past, I test the protection, memory usage and every other angle - you name it, I test! But now I have retired from testing for this year, Because COMODO simply is the best! And 2009 and on wards I will now concentrate on helping improve this community and Comodo products! So I look forward to working with you all in the future further. And post count means jack to me by the way!

And (L)


On behalf of the admins, mods and all the other users, thanks James. We all do our best here and our collective best efforts is what makes this place what it is. The rare few who use these forums for their own purposes simply serve to highlight the good intentions of everyone else.

Again, thanks.

Ewen :slight_smile:

It seems like it isn’t rare…how many people join and stay long enough just to get their questions answered? I don’t have anything against them (rather I like them because then I feel happy to know that I can actually help), but isn’t that using these forums for their own purposes?

It really doesn’t matter how some one uses the Forums, Jeremy. As long as they abide by the policy set by the Forum Board then it’s all cool. We really don’t expect anything more or anything less.

Jeremy, what are speaking of is altruism…which doesn’t exist so don’t be surprised if people have a ‘purpose’ to be here…if they didn’t they wouldn’t be here… (:KWL)