Is Comodo protecting itself from RDC Users?

I have CPF 2.4 installed on a W2k3 server.
Whenever I try to add a rule/configure/shutdown CPF via a RDC connection (mstsc /console), CPF doesn’t seem to respond much.

Example 1: Shutdown CPF attempted, icon in sys tray would disappear, but ports are still blocked.
Example 2: Adding application rules to CPF via GUI, after configuring an application rule and clicked ok, the rule doesn’t appear in the GUI.
Example 3: Right clicking on the sys tray CPF icon and select “Allow all”, but no changes occur. Right clicking on the icon again would show CPF is still in “Custom” mode instead of “Allow all”.

Is this some kind of protection CPF had in mind to disallow any remote users from configuring or shutting down CPF?

Hi Chatbox, welcome to the forums.

Firstly, CFP does not currently support remote control by MS’ RDC or any other remote application.

Example 1 will not work (even if you’re sitting in front of the target system). This action only shuts down CFPs front-end GUI. CFPs service and, more importantly, drivers are still loaded running and blocking. With CFPs GUI shutdown all blocks will be silent & no alerts will be displayed.

In Examples 2 & 3, I believe you’re running into CFPs lack of support for remote control.