Is Comodo good to use for a small start up company?

Hi! I do’nt know much about firewall protection. I am starting up a small business that would in which I would need to protect customer information. What feature does Comodo have that we help me in this process?

What do you mean by “protect customer information”?

The Comodo Firewall (CFP) is focussed on protecting a system, rather than individual clumps of data on a PC. CFP is a stateful packet inspection firewall (it examines each and every packet of data coming in or going out to ensure validity of access and integrity of data construct) with advanced behavioural analysis (what is trying to get out, how did it start and how is it trying to get out). As such, it would report keyloggers and trojans on your system that are attempting to get out onto the internet.

Is this the sort of info you were looking for?

hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile:

Hey Ewen,

This information you provides help to a degree. I am looking for customer information to be prtected from hacker. Since I will be using the internet for the start up business. I don’t want my customer informtion to get hacked.


there are many areas where you need to secure.
1)Data in transmit
2)data at rest

for example first of all, you need to know where the customer info is going to be stored.
you need to secure the data in transmission using SSL (
secondly, you have to make sure that your web servers are not vulnerable at rest. Eg: it doesn’t have a vulnerability that someone can exploit to hack into your servers (
these are basic must haves.