Is comodo getting fat?

My last update this morning was over 130 MEG how can that be when the new download is only 38? A.

I guess the 38mb includes the main components of CIS with probably a small common Virus database included, the 130mb db is just the black list…

Currently I’ve been throttled due to over downloading for this month and reduced to dial up speed. Any idea on hor long it takes to download the database? 7-8 hours. So no way, Can’t do it. lol.

The bulk of the upgade is the AV database, which is not included in the full install. There must have been some database changes between version 3.12 and 3.13. Unfortunately the upgrade does not allow using the previous bases.cav to populate the new one.

Hopefully Comodo will find a way of making the AV signature system more efficient thus reducing the size of the databases…


Thanks for the replies, as I am only using the firewall do I really need those updates ? My intenet speed is not the fastest either and I have to keep an eye on my downloads because dial up is >:(
cheers, A

Since even a firewall install asks to do a system scan, it needs a virus database to scan with. After the initial database download, it shouldn’t ask again.

Please set your security to “proactive security”. And honestly you don’t need the antivirus.
But please, please please pay attention to the alerts that comodo defense+ gives you and make sure you answer them correctly! It’s replacing your antivirus.